High Density Ink
High Density

High Density Inks have great "to the touch" embossed feel that's resistant to cracks while retaining a high level of line detail.

Puff Ink
Foil and Metallic Inks

Foil or Metallic Printing involves heat pressing onto a thin layer of adhesive that's been cured onto the garment like normal ink. We can use a wide variety of metallic looks including Gold, Silver, Bronze and other colours.

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Glow In The Dark Ink

Energize your shirt with glow in the dark ink that can be "charged" with natural light.

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Gel Ink

Gel ink uses the same technique as high density ink with a raised "wet look" to create an assortment of effects and looks.

High Density Ink
M&R Challenger Carousel Presses




Ask Us About Finishing!

We will go the extra step by packaging your garment in polypropylene bags, including folding and sorting. Tagging or branding the back neck of your garment or even cuztomizing the label anyway you wish.. We also offer Printing On Nylon and custom ink matching.

We Use Plastisol Ink.

Rough to the touch texture almost feels like a plastic texture. Techniques can be used to give the texture more of a soft feel making it feel like it's part of the garment. Plastisol wont' peel, crack or fade. Best of all, it looks great without hurting your wallet.

* Call us for a quote on garments like Gildan, Hanes, LuLuLemon, American Apparel, Bella and MORE!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I'm impressed they worked a weekend to get a rush delivery done. I'll be back soon just because they care

- Anonymous

Very clean and professional facility.

- Anonymous

The white inks are whiter than the usual white. I'm impressed on the their ink quality over those other guys.

- Anonymous